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Mission Statement

We believe that Christ died for all people and rose again so that all who believe in Him have eternal life.

We submit to Scripture alone as the only authority for Christian doctrine and practice.

We acknowledge the Lutheran Confessional writings (the Book of Concord ) as an accurate presentation of the teachings of Holy Scripture.

We receive Baptism as the way which Christ established to bring spiritual rebirth to all people, young and old, thus making them his disciples.

We receive the Lord’s Supper as the sacred meal which Christ established to feed His people with His body and blood, once given for us on the cross and now immortal by His resurrection; through this meal, we receive forgiveness of sins, life, and salvation.

We join together in a common commitment to share the Gospel with the lost and to instruct the found in the truths of Scripture.

We aim to live God-pleasing lives by serving our neighbors in our various vocations in family, society, and church.

We anticipate Christ’s return on the Last Day, when we and all believers will enter the new heaven and new earth.

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